Newmarket School Board

The Newmarket Primary School Board comprises of 5 tri-annually elected community/parent representatives, together with the Principal and a staff representative. The Board is committed to frequent communication with the community and they will seek your views on significant issues that affect the school.


The Board hold 8 meetings a year at 6.15pm in the staffroom. Notice of the meeting is published in the schools newsletter. These meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend. If you wish to have a copy of the agenda and minutes please ask at the school office.


A Message from the Board Chairperson

The Boards goal is to provide the infrastructure that ensures that all children attending Newmarket Primary School receive the best instruction available. We support our dedicated, professional staff in ensuring all children have a healthy, safe and friendly environment in which to reach their potential. The skilful and enthusiastic approach to education provided by Newmarket Primary School gives our children an excellent start on which to build a strong future.

School contact

  • email: School Office

  • Address: 7-11 Gillies Ave, Newmarket, Auckland. 1023

  • Telephone: 09 520 2959


  • Gayle Hackwell: Board Chairperson

Email Gayle

  • Dr Wendy Kofoed: Principal - 09 520 2959

Email Wendy

  • Virginia Kung: Staff Rep & DP

Email Virginia

  • Tess Brothersen

  • Dina Dosmukhambetova

  • Catherine Skudder

  • Tim Johnson

Board elected 10/6/2019

Gayle Hackwell Chairperson Newmarket Board

Newmarket School Board Policies and Procedures

2021 Policies and Procedures (updated 06.7.21).pdf
Newmarket School - FS and Audit Report 2021 inc AoV.pdf