Emergency Response

Emergency Response

The first place you check for information in an emergency is our website with the emergency section located at the bottom of the home page. While we have the School App and Seesaw these are back up systems and we will update the web page first

If Newmarket School was to have an emergency, such as a fire our school would immediately evacuate to our assembly point (the astroturf).  Or if we are advised by the Police to go in to a Lockdown we would shelter in place.   We practise our drills for these events regularly.


In an emergency we would place  information on our website about the problem and how parents should respond.    An example…   Our school has been evacuated as a result of…    staff and students have all been accounted for and the police have been notified. 


Whatever the emergency might be, we ask that parents monitor the website for the most up-to-date information www.newmarket.school.nz

If there is an emergency at school we ask that you do not come to school or phone the school for information as we will be busy ensuring your children are safe, as their welfare is our first priority.