Extra Curricular

We have a range of extra-curricular activities at Newmarket School.


A wide variety of sports is on offer at the school and as part of the local Zone school sports events and competitions.

Kelly Sports at Newmarket School"Giving Kids a Sporting Chance" Kelly Sports is held after school on Tuesdays, 3.15 - 4.15pm.

Multisport Madness Programme

Where children can develop a passion for such sports as cricket, football, rugby, athletics and netball as they learn new skills essential to these sports.

Music Tuition

Mary Lee offers individual piano, keyboard and flute lessons at school during the school day. Please phone Mary on 09 - 528 8515 or 021 060 8567 or email maryiclee@gmail.com for further information.


Mandarin classes are held on Thursday afternoons 3.00pm - 4.30pm in Space E - ESOL room (Junior, Intermediate and Senior). If there is any child who wishes to join please contact the teachers who run the classes.

Contact: Karen Orr Karen Or ky_or@yahoo.com.hk

Super Skills Programme

Also offered after school and is a wonderful opportunity for your child to develop key sporting skills and a chance to gain confidence, as they improve their catching, kicking, throwing, striking, running and jumping.

A Player of the Day Trophy is awarded every session for each programme on offer and it is heaps of fun. So come on kids have a go. If not enough enrolments for both programmes, we will hold a combination group.

To enrol: Visit www.kellysports.co.nz

For further information: Please contact Daniel Montgomerie on 0212582696 or daniel@kellysports.co.nz