Student Wellbeing

First Aid

Accidents and illness at school are attended to in the sickbay by designated trained first aid staff.

Visits to the sickbay are recorded in a logbook. Parents are contacted, except in the case of minor injuries or illness.

Parents should inform the school of any health issues or associated problems that may affect their child.

Arrangements may be made through the school office for children needing medication during school hours.

Written permission is required from a parent for the school to administer any medication, and the parent must supply the required medication.

A list of children at high risk from Asthma/Allergies is kept in sickbay along with their required medication and parents should keep the school supplied with up to date medication to assist in case of emergency.

In the case of inhalers for Asthma it is permissable for the child to keep these handy in their school bags, to self administer, especially if only used from time to time. Also, to be taken away with them to sports/other trips offsite.

Make sure you are contactable in the case of an emergency. Keep all your contact details up to date with the school office.

In the case of an emergency Ambulance call-out, or Accident and Emergency Clinic attendance it is vital that we be able to contact parents. Parental permission will be required by emergency staff to administer any treatment.


A Public Health Nurse visits the school regularly. If a parent or teacher requests it, the nurse will follow up any matter needing attention. This might include problems such as: nits, or sores for example. We have access to a range of health professionals including the Public Health Nurse, Dental Therapist, Speech Language Therapist and Vision and Hearing Specialists.

Dental Care

Dental Treatment for Newmarket Students is run by The Auckland Regional Dental Service. The closest Hub Clinic is based at Orakei Children's Community Dental Clinic.


Orakei Children's Community Dental Clinic

8B Ngaio St, Orakei

Ph: 520 0603 or: 0800 825583

Dental Van

In addition, a fully equipped dental van will visit the school twice a year and remain on site for a few weeks at a time. The school newsletter will advise when the van is on site at the school.