Lunch Orders

The school operates a simple lunch ordering system with local suppliers as we do not have a Canteen.

How to Order

An envelope/order form is completed by the child or parent, money placed inside, and the envelope posted in a letterbox located outside the school Library.

Clearly write child's name, room number and tick food selection on the envelope/order form.

Orders placed that leave off the name or room number will be left up at the staffroom.

The suppliers collect the orders at 9.30am daily and return the food to school by 1pm. (Lunchtime)

The food is placed into class baskets, delivered to the rooms and handed out by the teachers.

Current Suppliers

  • Food to Go - sushi/noodles/fried rice - $5 per pack - available Mon to Fri -exact money is required, no change is given.
  • Subway - filled rolls - prices variable - available Wed and Fri only. (Change is given, but we discourage parents from giving children large notes) On-line ordering option available, but only on the school's normal delivery days - Wed & Fri.
  • EZ Lunch online ordering: Mon - Fri at

The suppliers are only able to make one delivery per day at lunchtime, therefore morning tea is not able to be provided. Make sure your child has something to eat for morning tea each day.

Healthy Eating at Newmarket Primary School

The school has a Healthy Eating policy for children.

If your child forgets their lunch or forgets to order lunch, they will be directed to the staffroom for a basic sandwich and an apple. No child will be left hungry.

Note: There are alot of children who eat all their lunch at morning tea time and then have nothing left at lunchtime - are you providing enough food for your child? Please check this with them regularly.