Daily Timetable

School staff are legally responsible for children from 8.15am to  3.15pm each day. Outside of these times, your children are your responsibility.

Daily Timetable

Please text any student absences to: 0212448085 prior to school starting for the day 

Mobile phones

If you wish your child to have a mobile phone at school please let the class teacher know the reasons.  Students should be familiar with and adhere to the Newmarket School Responsible Users Agreement. The school does not take any responsibility for equipment brought to school. Children who have mobile telephones are asked to leave them in a container in the classroom or as the class teacher directs.

Early collection

All visitors to the school are required to 'Sign In' at the office - this is an OSH (Health and Safety) requirement - no exceptions.

Any early pick up/collection of your child must be pre-arranged with the class teacher.  Parents must collect and sign out their children from the office to minimise disruption to other children in class.

Urgent messages

Urgent messages may be relayed to children via the office.


Late-comers who do not sign in upon arrival, or absent children whose parents have not notified the school of the reason for the absence, will be telephoned/texted by the school office. This is a safety issue.

If you are running late

If you are unable to collect your child on time, enroll them in the Out of School Care Programme held daily in the school hall at 6 Seccombes Rd. If you are going to be late for any reason, please advise the school. Please ensure that your child knows what collection arrangements are in place for them each day.

Early school closures

From time to time school may close at an earlier time, for example on the last day of term. Make sure arrangements are made for prompt, early collection or alternatively, enrol your child in an Out of School Care programme. School Newsletters, the noticeboard in the school carpark, the school website and general notices always advise these times prior, to let you know about them in advance.