To enrol at Newmarket Primary School complete the enrolment form and bring into the school office.

Download the enrolment form here

The 2021 Privacy Act has meant some changes to our Privacy and Permission Form.  Please update your details by clicking on the link.  

International Student Enrolment - Forms Here 

Please Bring in the following documents to enrol:

For new entrants, living within the school zone, please complete the enrolment forms at the office anytime after the child's 4th birthday. The law states that your child may not start school prior to their 5th birthday.

Please note:

In Zone

If you live within the school zone, there is an automatic right of enrolment with proof of address, once we have received your enrolment and other associated forms. School visits may be arranged for your child to visit the class and meet the teacher prior to starting school by telephoning the school office to arrange. View the school zone.

Out of Zone

Newmarket School is unable to accept Out of Zone applications at this time, due to the large expansion of housing in the central Newmarket area, which means we only have room for those living within the school zone. This is unlikely to change within the next few years. View the school zone.

The map below gives an approximate idea of the zone for the school. In order to be certain, please search the Ministry website with your specific road number and street. If you live in a borderline Street, it is possible you will not fall into our zone.

Home Zone

All students who live within the home zone described below (and shown on the map) shall be eligible to enrol at the school.

Ada Street; Albury Street; Alpers Road; Almorah Road; Almorah Place; Alma Street; Auburn Street; Arawa Street; Balm Street; Barnett Crescent; Bassett Road; Becham Place; Belmont Terrace; Belvedere Street; Beatrice Road; Bostock Road; Boston Road; Boys Place; Brightside Road; Broadway; Burk Street; Burton Street; Carlton Gore Road; Castle Drive; Claremont Street; Clayton Street; Clyde Road; Cowie Street; Crowhurst Street; Davis Crescent; Durville Heights; Eden Crescent; Edgerley Avenue; Edwin Street; Ely Avenue; Enfield Street; Furneaux Street; George Street; Gilgit Road; Gillies Avenue; Grafton Road; Glascow Terrace; Glenside Crescent; Glovernock Street; Great South Road (to Market Road); Harold Street; Huntley Avenue; Huxley Place; James Cook Crescent; John Stokes Terrace; Joseph Banks Terrace; Kent Street; Khyber Pass Road; Kingdon Street; Kipling Avenue; Kohekohe Street; Kohutu Street; Lauriston Avenue; Lauder Road; Laxon Terrace; Leek Street; Loin Place; Madeira Lane; Madeira Place; Manakau Road (to Domett); Mary Street; Mahuru Street; Margot Street; Mamie Street; Marron Place; Maui Grove; Maungahwau Road; Mauranui Avenue; McColl Street; Melrose Street; Middleton Road; Mr St John (to Belvedere Street); Morrow Street; Mortimer Pass; Mountain Road; Morgan Street; Normandy Road; Nuffield Lane; Nuffield Street; Nugent Street; Osborne Street; Omana Avenue; Outhwaite Place; Owens Road; Park Road; Park Avenue; Parkfield Terrace; Parnell Road (to Cowie Street); Railway Road; Remeura Road (to Bassett Road); Rockwood Road; Roxburgh Road; Sarawai Street; Savannah Street; Seccomes Road; Severn Road; Sharpe Road; Short Street; Solanders Street; St Marks Road; Suiter Street; Swinton Close; Symonds Street; Teed Street; Warborough Avenue; Water Street; Withiel Drive; Wooton Street; York Lane; Young Street.

International Student Enrolments

We only accept (approx.) a small number  International Students per year.


A minimum enrolment of two terms is required.  

The Fee to apply is NZ $750.00.

Application Forms and an International Prospectus are available at the top of this page and from the school office.

Acceptance is subject to the Principal's approval and if there is space within the school in the relevant age group.