Emergency Response
11.56am  4/5/17 - At 11 am this morning police advised us to get children inside as there was an emergency situation in Newmarket.  Students remained in lockdown for 45 minutes until the all clear was given.  Students and staff responded very quickly to instructions and are to be congratulated.  At this point in time we have not been informed of the nature of the emergency.    Dr Wendy Kofoed,  Principal. 
Welcome to Newmarket Primary School.

Our aim is to provide an excellent education for your child in a caring, happy atmosphere. We want children to feel secure to develop self-confidence in a supportive busy and active environment where learning is central to all we do. Children are encouraged to work and play together, to share and to think of others. Our school strives to be a place where both children and staff respect each other and enjoy working in harmony together.   We have high expectations for children and we want them to work hard to realise their potential.  We recognise childrens' diverse abilities, interests, and ethnicity, and aim to provide wide ranging programmes to meet these individual needs. Your child will make new friends, meet new ideas, and be confronted with exciting challenges.
We encourage you to become involved with our school, to work with us to ensure the best possible education for your child.

- Dr Wendy Kofoed, Principal (Neita Leadership Award Winner)
Newmarket School is a Green/Gold level Enviroschool, a Gold level TravelWise School and a member of Auckland Central Community Schools (ACCoS)
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